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Each treatment is like a puzzle

June 10, 2017

I have been an orthodontist for almost four years and now work with my father in our orthodontic practice. I enjoy the challenge of giving our patients both a beautiful smile and good masticatory function without restrictions. Each treatment is like a puzzle and various steps must be arranged to ensure the best possible treatment result for our patients. When I look at the happy faces of my patients when they see their beautiful “new” teeth, it makes me happy too because aesthetics plays a significant role in orthodontics. I like to treat young patients because they are very honest and bring a burst of joy and energy into our practice and that brightens my day as well.

In the Netherlands, treatments are often delegated. Each patient first goes to the orthodontist who oversees the treatment. Wire changing and similar tasks are done by our professional assistants. I have heard that presumably the greatest difference to other orthodontic practices is treatment cost. In the Netherlands, the government has made a great effort to reduce these costs and thus enable treatment for many people. I think that there are fewer orthodontists per patient here, so we are already well positioned with our six dental units in our practice.

ORTHORA: The evident choice
We completely renovated our practice last year and in doing so placed special emphasis on an open room design. The rationale was that patients should be able to see what we are doing; there is no secrecy. Furthermore, short paths facilitate a good flow of information. My father passed his love of the ORTHORA 200, which is a tailor-made orthodontic treatment unit, on to me. Last year, we replaced everything, except for our 10-year-old ORTHORA 200 units. Most dentist chairs fulfil their functional purpose more or less, but really, they are just not as nice. I am not only an orthodontist but also an aesthetician. MIKRONA’s dental chairs are simply beautiful. The unit has everything we need, no more, no less. It has a very clean look. I really like that. We have changed the upholstery only once, which shows that the upholstery is quite robust. I work with the ORTHORA every day, so it is very important for me that I can rely on the functionality.
Every year, our dentist chairs undergo technical inspection by an allocated association and so far we have only had to replace some worn parts, which is to be expected, since we use them constantly. The local distributor is always helpful and we have been very satisfied with the service to date. The ORTHORA is almost indestructible.

Ergonomics plays a significant role in orthodontics. The ORTHORA’s height is easily adjustable to the needs of the patient and the practitioner. Default settings make life easier for us, so we can dedicate the time gained to treating our patients. I want our patients to feel comfortable during treatment. The ORTHORA guarantees a comfortable posture for the patient and for the practitioner. Our patients love our chairs and some have even joked that they would like to have a TV chair as comfortable for their home.

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