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Wywiad: “Za swój cel obrałem promowanie najnowocześniejszej metody profilaktyki – GBT”

July 06, 2021 | Interviews

Electro Medical Systems (EMS) jest wiodącym producentem urządzeń medycznych do profesjonalnej profilaktyki stomatologicznej. W maju br. dyrektorem generalnym tej szwajcarskiej firmy został dr Ernst Wühr. W ciągu swojej prawie dwudziestoletniej kariery w branży stomatologicznej zdobył on dogłębną wiedzę na temat europejskiego i azjatyckiego rynku stomatologicznego. W poniższym wywiadzie dr Wühr opowiada o swojej nowej roli w chwili, gdy EMS wychodzi z kryzysu wywołanego pandemią.

Entrevista: “Considero meu objetivo promover ainda mais o método de profilaxia mais moderno: GBT”

June 25, 2021 | Business, Interviews

Electro Medical Systems (EMS) é um fabricante líder de dispositivos médicos de precisão para profilaxia dentária. Recentemente, o Dr. Ernst Wühr foi nomeado gerente geral da empresa suíça. Ao longo de sua carreira de quase 20 anos no ramo odontológico, ele adquiriu profunda experiência nos mercados odontológicos europeu e asiático. Nesta curta entrevista, Wühr fala sobre seu novo papel como EMS emerge da crise induzida pela pandemia.

Interview: “I consider it my goal to further promote the most modern prophylaxis method: GBT”

June 15, 2021 | Business, Interviews

Electro Medical Systems (EMS) is a leading manufacturer of precision medical devices for dental prophylaxis. Recently, Dr Ernst Wühr was appointed the general manager of the Swiss company. Throughout his almost 20-year career in the dental business, he has gained profound expertise in the European and Asian dental markets. In this short interview, Wühr talks about his new role as EMS emerges from the pandemic-induced crisis.

SARS-CoV-2: Aerosols in dentistry

June 12, 2020 | Advertorial

NYON, Switzerland: In a recent blog post, Swiss company EMS Electro Medical Systems spoke about the great challenges the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has posed for dental practices. Dental aerosols can present a health risk, as the virus can be detected in the area of the mouth, nose and throat. Therefore, EMS is providing useful information on the subject of aerosols.

Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaling: How do you conduct it correctly?

April 15, 2020 | Education

With 22 years of experience as a dental therapist and hygienist, Andrew Terry is a lecturer at the University of Sydney’s School of Dentistry in Australia. In a free webinar on Thursday, 23 April, he will demonstrate how dentists can utilise PIEZON ultrasonic scaling tools to enhance their treatment techniques and protocols. In the lead-up to the presentation, Terry shared some details of the upcoming webinar with Dental Tribune International.

Free webinar brings new insights into implantology

February 14, 2020 | Education

In a free Swiss Dental Academy webinar on Thursday, Feb. 27, host Melissa Obrotka will be providing educational insights on the stages of Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) that could help the entire dental team. According to Obrotka, despite the thousands of dollars invested in implantology, professionals still struggle with a standardized protocol backed by science to assist the clinician’s ability to establish early prevention detection as well as painless, proficient and effective long-term therapy options.

Interview: “It feels like patient-centred care at its very best”

November 28, 2019 | Interviews

Faye Donald is a multi-award-winning dental hygienist who puts patients’ interest first. She became a certified Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) trainer in 2016 and has been a truly passionate Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) ambassador and has been educating dental professionals worldwide in preventive dental care ever since. Recently, Faye was one of over 30 experts who gave lectures in the world’s first 24-hour preventive dentistry webinar. In this interview, she tells Dental Tribune International why GBT changed her way of working completely and why dental professionals need to keep pace with the latest developments in prevention.

First 24-hour dental webinar hits 15,000 registrations

November 27, 2019 | News

NYON, Switzerland: Yesterday, the Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) announced on its Facebook page that over 15,000 registrations had been counted for its international 24-hour webinar in preventive dentistry, which was the first of its kind. The SDA thanked all participants and attendees of the webinar series, which was broadcast live on 23 and 24 November.

Interview: “The vast majority of dental professionals are still using abrasive polishing pastes”

November 22, 2019 | Education, Events, Interviews, News

The upcoming 24-hour webinar organised by EMS and the Swiss Dental Academy is a first in dental continuing education (CE). One of the speakers is Karen Davis, who, in addition to running her own CE company, works as a dental hygienist in Dallas in the US. Dental Tribune International talked to her about the advantages of erythritol, a minimally abrasive air polishing powder, and its edge over other powders, such as glycine, for supra- and subgingival air polishing.

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