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Straumann offers a comprehensive range of products and services to dentists, clinics, dental companies and laboratories around the world. The company also offers continuing education through the Straumann Academy online platform. Webinars in German are available 24/7.

Digital Workflow in Immediate Implant Situations: In-house vs. Outsourcing Solutions

The replacement of a missing tooth or teeth in patients with immediacy and esthetic demands has become a focal point in today’s implant practice. The utilization of evidenced-based treatment protocols coupled with the integration of digital technol...

Efficiencies and improvements in overdenture solutions – New small diameter implants with big impact

Over the years our overdenture options have improved significantly. Improvements are timely as the edentulous population continues to grow and the need to provide more optimal solutions is in demand....

Full Arch Digital Planning Protocol…The Ultimate Equalizer in Interdisciplinary Implant Therapy

This webinar will review how full arch digital planning protocol can serve the interdisciplinary team as an equalizing platform where all members (restorative dentist, surgeon, technician and biomedical engineer) are able to express their treatment p...

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Biomaterials Global Symposium

Dr. Erik Regidor, Dr. Eik Schiegnitz, Robert Miller DMD, Caspar Wohlfahrt PhD, MS, DDS, Specialist in Periodontology , Martina Stefanini DDS, PHD

Biomaterials Global Symposium

Straumann® Biomaterials invites you to join our panel of experts to increase the confidence in your decision-making process that applies to some of the most common clinical challenges you are facing daily. ...

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Advancing immediacy in the esthetic zone

Dr. Jochen Tunkel

Advancing immediacy in the esthetic zone

The number of concepts on immediate implant rehabilitation in the esthetic zone is steadily growing. ...

Sofortversorgungskonzepte auf einem neuen Niveau

Im Rahmen des 3. Zukunftskongress für die zahnärztliche Implantologie/50. Internationaler Jahreskongress der DGZI wird am 1. Oktober das Straumann Live-Tutorial zu „Sofortversorgungskonzepte auf einem neuen Niveau“ mit Prof. Dr. Daniel Grubeanu...

Sofortimplantation mit dem neuen Straumann TLX Implantat

In unserem Praxisalltag ist die Sofortimplantation unter den richtigen Voraussetzungen eine gängige Implantationsmethode. Das Hauptkriterium hierfür sind die biologischen Vorteile der Sofortimplantation. Auch für diese Operationsmethode ist das ne...

The Surgical Perspective on Planning, Designing, and Execution of Immediate Implant Treatments

The development in digital technology has allowed us to extend immediate implant treatment options to a larger portion of our patient population. These changes and evolution are presented in all aspects and phases of the treatment, from the diagnosti...

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Digital Innovations in Full-Arch Fixed Implant Rehabilitation

Panos Papaspyridakos DDS, MS, PhD

Digital Innovations in Full-Arch Fixed Implant Rehabilitation

The applications of digital technology in Implant Dentistry include imaging, digital planning, template-guided implant placement, digital impressions with intraoral scanners and CAD/CAM prostheses. ...

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